• Sidogras healthcare Textiles

    Fabrics to protect persons against COVID-19


Sidogras has developed fabrics with technical properties that make them suitable for making all kinds of clothing for personal use to protect against COVID-19.

Sidogras textiles para el cuidado de la salud


Water repellent. Liquid and fluid repellent.

Antibacterial. (Biocide)

Washable at 60ºC. (Up to 20 Washes). Neutral Detergent.

Ironing planchado Healthcare Textiles Reactivating the hydrophobic properties.

Breathability: <60 Pa / Cm2.


Appropriate fabrics, due to their technical characteristics, for the elaboration of Hygienic masks (Washable, Biocides and hydrophobic) and sanitary protection clothing.