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    Imagination and textile technology to weave the future


The continuous trend changes and the need of a quick-response capacity for our customers, led Sidogras to have two types of collections, adapted to the different requirements: continuous and seasonal.



With over 4 million meters of fabric on permanent stock in our warehouses, the collection Continuity is composed of fabrics of compact yarn of cotton with threads from 40s to 100s and with different compositions like cotton stretch, cotton-polyamide, cotton spandex, cotton-linen, viscose, mixtures of cotton and polyester. The collection Continuity is made up of:

  • SidoFast
  • SidoService
  • Silk bases

Collection SidoFast

We offer a sample book/catalogue with all our Continuity qualities. Immediate availability, without minimum quantities and with classic timeless designs, with fil-à-fil fabrics, Viyella, poplin, Oxford, twill, serge, dobby, sateen etc.

The sample book/catalogue has a cost of 90 €, that will be paid directly to the customer after buying 1,000 meters per year.

Would you like to access our digital SidoFast, do it through our intranet system. Just ask your commercial agent for your access code or ask us directly through the contact form and we will send it to you as soon as possible.


Collection SidoService

Permanent Continuity collection with cotton-polyester fabrics mixed with classic timeless fabrics.

Silk bases

Silk bases, sleek designs with a variety of colors or dyeing, we offer dyeing service with rapid capacity of response, thanks to an integral service in our own installations.



Due to continuous investment in design, our creative team achieves to develop season after season a complete collection, that combines different types of qualities and structures.

We work with prestigious brands worldwide, thanks to our capacity of response and our guaranteed service.



Every season we develop a wide range of new designs with the intention to innovate and to offer our clients inspiration, responding to their requirements.



Due to the fast changes of fashion trends, we made-out an effective service developing all kind of printing in woven fabrics as well as in stretch and textures, immediate response, CADs, moulded, offering quality and service at highest level.